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It's time to show yourself to the world!

Join Futbolink and our experts will record your match performance on the spot. Let your performance videos and technical information analyzes reach the world clubs.

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Manage your travel agency with Agentsoft!

With Agentsoft, you can create Hotel, Tour, Transfer products, follow your accounting transactions by creating a current account, create reservations and make sales.

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Manage your travel agency with Agentsoft!

With Agentsoft, you can create Hotel, Tour, Transfer products, follow your accounting transactions by creating a current account, create reservations and make sales.

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New generation e-commerce infrastructure!

Now, start moving your business online with zecommerce. You can start selling immediately with e-commerce or e-export packages at affordable budget-friendly costs..


What We Develop?

Custom Software Development
Custom Software Development
We produce projects that provide solutions to the needs of the institution, where B2B, B2C, Human Resources, Intranet, Accounting, ERP and all kinds of integrations that corporate companies need.
Web Content Management System (CMS)
Web Content Management System (CMS)
With the Worklab CMS, which we have gained as a result of the web-based boutique project experience we have developed for corporate companies for many years, we organize your web-based projects specifically for your institution and enable you to easily manage your content.
E-commerce Solutions
E-commerce Solutions
Our e-commerce infrastructure has been developed for many years with domestic facilities. We have three main product groups as E-Commerce, E-Export and Marketplace. We can produce solutions as B2B, B2C and C2C. We can serve as Boutique or Package.
Real Estate Web Applications
Real Estate Web Applications
We develop special platforms for classical real estate office management, real estate advertisement management and real estate property marketing, where companies and investors serving the real estate sector meet..
Portal Software Development
Portal Software Development
A portal is a website that contains a lot of information. Internet portals contain many features such as membership, integration, customization, personalization, categorization, search, and content management.

Portals contain many technological features in terms of their features. The software infrastructure must have superior features. Worklab offers stable and secure solutions that meet portal needs. Since portal sites will need more technical support, maintenance and updates than corporate sites, the need for a reliable business partner is more. The costs and construction times of the projects are higher than the corporate sites.
Intranet Software Development
Intranet Software Development
In-house web applications that are closed to the outside world are called "intranet". Intranet software runs on the company's own servers. If the software is also available over the internet, it is called an "extranet".

In-house intranet applications are created specifically according to the company's needs. Internal communication, document management, document and information sharing, contact cards, internal workflows are done over the intranet. Customer relationship management, project management, enterprise resource planning applications can also be designed as in-house web applications with intranet software. For this reason, intranet work is done specifically for that institution.
B2B Web Software
B2B Web Software
One of the e-business models is B2B (Business to business) applications. Companies use it to manage their relationships with their dealers and suppliers. With B2B applications, companies save time, get rid of possible human errors and save personnel costs.
B2C Web Software
B2C Web Software
It is an e-business model that enables businesses to sell to the end consumer (customer). It is widely used today and is called e-commerce. Since the B2C business model is more (usually) a system for the online collection of the sales price from the customer, the business also has banking and security aspects.

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  • What is a Web Design Agency?

      Web Design Agency

      The most effective communication tool for companies and brands is professionally designed websites. The web design agency is involved in the professional and institutional preparation of websites, designing, publishing and updating the website. Agencies help with visual design and software preparation, maintenance, management and optimization of your company's website according to search engines.

      In order for companies to reach their target audience, they need to have a website to take part in marketing and advertising activities. You need to work with experienced web design agencies to reach your brand to your target audience. Companies and brands can have difficulties in choosing the right agency. When you choose the right agency, you can bring your brand to a strong position. In this way, you can reach your products and services to a wider audience.

      Zemedya Agency serves as a creative web design agency all over Turkey with its experienced team, long years of web design experience, solution-oriented approach and experience from every sector. Do not forget to get offers from our agency for your website projects.

      What is a Web Design Agency?

      Let's explain what is a web design agency for people and companies who want to have a website;

      Web design agencies are companies that have a team of experts in design and software. To strengthen your brand's position on the internet, you must have a quality corporate website. Web design agencies help you to get professional corporate web design service. You should work with a professional web design agency to position your website at the top of search engines, to market your products and services through digital channels, and to reach potential customers digitally.

      What Does a Web Design Agency Do?

      A web design agency designs a website using cutting-edge design and software techniques, taking into account your corporate needs. By working with the right web design agencies, you can have a mobile-friendly, corporate, simple and user-experienced website that is compatible with search engines with SEO techniques, has a quality and original interface design.

      Web design agency provides the following services;

      Websites Design: A web design agency can design a website for your business. The website is created professionally to create the identity of your brand in the digital environment.

      Web Development: With web software, which can be defined as the invisible face of your website, you can have a high-quality website with a high user experience. Website management panel, ERP systems, CRM software and much more are implemented by the web design agency.

      Graphic DesignYou can get graphic design service for your brand's corporate identity. Web design agencies also provide services in many areas such as creating logos and brand identity.

      Search Engine Optimization(SEO): In order for your website to rank higher in search engines and be more visible, you should allocate a budget for search engine optimization studies. Web design agency is also your biggest supporter in SEO studies.

      Digital Marketing: It is all the strategies for delivering your products and services to your customers through digital channels. You can work with web design agents on Google ADS, search network, display network, sponsored ads.

      How a Web Design Agency Works?

      Each web design agency has a different working system. As Zemedya Agency, we work with a professional perspective in all our web design projects. We always focus on providing the best service.

      Our working steps are as follows;

      1. Discovery and Planning: We come together to understand your needs and to plan by determining the necessary strategies for the project we will develop specifically for you.

      2. Design and Software Development: We implement our software and design works according to the strategy we have determined. We always focus on providing qualified solutions to our customers.

      3. Testing and Release: We examine your website in detail for the last time in terms of design and software. After all the controls, we deliver your website ready for publication.

      As Zemedya Agency, our focus points in all our works are as follows;

      Customer Happiness: Our starting point in all our projects is always customer satisfaction. As an experienced web design agency, we implement projects that will meet your corporate needs and demands.

      Transparency and Measurability: We act transparently at every stage of our projects. We always carry out measurable studies in terms of accountability. At the end of our work, we always make qualified measurements and offer you the necessary reporting.

      Modern and Innovative Technologies: Modern and innovative technologies await you wherever you see the name Zemedia Agency. We always follow the latest developments in web design and web software.

      Sustainability: We attach great importance to digital sustainability. After a service you receive from us, we always support our business partnership. You can always contact us for any problem or question you have.

      What to Consider When Choosing a Web Design Agency?

      The process of choosing a web design agency can be very tiring for businesses. That's why you need to act according to some evaluation criteria before working with a web design agency. As Zemedya Agency, we always work for you to get a qualified and high quality web design service.

      Things to consider when choosing a web design agency are as follows;

      Work with a Corporate Web Design Agency

      Institutionalism is very important when choosing a web design agency. At the end of the job, it will be in your best interest to work with a web design company that you can always communicate with and get help when necessary. Elements such as the number of teams, offices, departments can give an idea about institutionalism.

      If you are looking for a corporate web design agency, you can also get an offer from Zemedya Agency.

      Don't Forget to Review References

      The most important thing when choosing web design agencies is to examine their references. Examine the projects signed by the agencies that you will work in web design, which is very important for your business. Thus, you can have more detailed information about the working system.

      Programming and Web Software Professionalism Must Be

      In order for your website to have a dynamic structure, you should work with a professional web design agency in programming and web software. As Zemedya Agency, we use simple and innovative coding languages ​​for all your needs. You can rely on our professional programming and web software solutions for all your requests.

      Prefer Creative Agencies

      Creativity is a very important aspect in web design. We design websites with innovative and creative solutions that will make you stand out from your competitors.

      Work with Agencies Where You Can Get Technical Support

      The biggest complaint of companies about web design agency is the lack of technical support. As Zemedia Agency, we provide technical support before and after work whenever you need it. Even at the end of the project, we are always with you for all your needs.

      Must Meet Price Performance Standards

      The biggest mistake brands make is working with cheap web design agencies. Ready-made software can cause great damage to your website. That's why you should choose agencies that have a team and have high price-performance standards.

      To avoid long-term losses, contact us now and get information about web design prices.

  • Sectors We Serve?

      Health Sector

      We prepare the websites of institutions and organizations such as hospitals, medical centers, polyclinics, clinics, rehabilitation centers in the health sector. We also prepare websites for doctors, dietitians, psychologists, dentists, among the professions that provide personal service in the health sector..

      Due to health tourism, people and organizations providing health services need multilingual, manageable and marketing-oriented websites. If you are looking for an industry-experienced web design and software agency, as Zemedya Web Design Agency, we are always with you with our professional staff.

      Real Estate Industry

      We produce solutions for real estate companies in the real estate sector. We produce real estate websites, real estate portals, real estate investment fund company websites and sector-specific real estate software for real estate companies of all sizes.

      We serve real estate companies that offer Project Development, Tenant and Owner Representation, Sales and Marketing, Urban Transformation, Capital Markets, Real Estate Appraisal, Portfolio Management, Investment Consultancy services.

      In the real estate sector, we have developed a real estate website, a real estate fund company website, and a special start-up project that brings together real estate companies and consultants. We produce multilingual, manageable and marketing-oriented websites for companies that provide real estate infrastructures nationally and internationally. If you are looking for an industry-experienced web design and software agency, as Zemedya Web Design Agency, we are always with you with our professional staff.

      Tourism Sector

      We offer website solutions for tourism companies, tourism agencies, accommodation, transportation and restaurants operating in the tourism sector.

      We are preparing websites for hotel, hostel, apart and villa projects in the tourism sector, especially in the field of accommodation. Airport transfer and restaurant website are other service groups we serve in the tourism sector.

      Construction Industry

      Companies in the construction sector, airports, ports, highways, dams, hydroelectric power plants, treatment plants, factories, industrial facilities, food facilities, pipelines, mixed-use complex structures, hotel constructions, infrastructure and superstructure projects, infrastructure and superstructure constructions, industrial constructions, housing projects construction, prefabricated modular steel structure production, export and national international contracting activities.

      We prepare your website needs in the construction industry in accordance with your brand identity.

      Law Sector

      We prepare a turnkey website suitable for their corporate identity for law firms or individual lawyers in the legal sector.