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What is a corporate website?

A corporate website is a website designed in a way that is compatible with the corporate identity of the institution and has an infrastructure that can highlight the corporate elements of the institution.

What is Content Management System?

In recent years, the need for websites to update quickly and easily has increased. For this reason, it has become important today that corporate websites are designed and programmed to be easily updatable. Corporate website management is easily done through software called Content Management System. Although the investment cost of websites with content management system is high, it is preferred as an economical solution because it eliminates the update costs in the long run. As Zemedya, we offer successful solutions to our customers with our corporate website applications with the worldwide preferred Zpanel content management system.

Why should you choose Zemedya?

In order to create a successful corporate website, an experienced team in web design, interface coding and programming, data entry is required. Demonstrating its competence in this regard, Zemedya has been preferred as the digital solution partner of many corporate companies for more than 10 years.

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