Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

What is responsive website design?

Responsive design; It is a web design that provides the user with a comfortable navigation on every platform. Responsive web design automatically adjusts the size of the text, picture, menu and other elements in it by understanding that it is entered from computer, mobile and tablet devices.

Why is responsive website design important?

There are over 54 million internet users in Turkey. While the rate of internet access from desktop and laptop computers in our country is 45%, mobile internet usage is 50%, while the rate of connecting with tablets is 5%. For these reasons, responsive website design that adapts to different screen resolutions has come to the fore. Search engines have also started to give more importance to responsive website design. Responsive web design, which is easy to use and accessible from all devices, is very important for SEO (search engine optimization). Responsive website design will make your website the structure desired by search engines and will contribute to your website appearing higher in searches.

Zemedya has been one of the first to implement responsive website design.

Following all the technological innovations since the day it was founded, Zemedya informed its customers with the emergence of responsive web design technology and designed and implemented their websites accordingly.

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