B2B / B2C Software Development

B2B / B2C Software Development

What are B2B Applications?

B2B (Bussiness to Business) is the exchange of products, services or information between businesses instead of final consumers. We can define B2B e-commerce as the realization of traditional business relations between businesses in an electronic environment. In B2B platforms, in addition to viewing and explaining products and services online, transactions such as offering prices, getting offers, and making offers are also carried out online.

What Benefits Do B2B Applications Provide?

B2B e-commerce has changed traditional business models such as better customer satisfaction and support, rapid launch of new products and services, better service, better buying and selling transactions, lower operating costs, lower production costs, lower inventory costs. provides many benefits.

Where are B2B applications used?

• Dealer Automation: It allows dealers to order easily over the internet. Dealers can easily access information such as the status of their order, stock information and past orders.
• Field Sales Automation: It enables the field sales team to easily create orders from tablets and mobile devices.
• Support Automation: It is the transfer of the support to the customers to the internet and connecting it with the customer database.

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What are B2C and B2C Applications?

B2C (Business to Consumer) is the system that provides the flow of products or services from businesses to the final consumer. B2C will provide you and your company with the opportunity to globalize, which can save producers and consumers from disadvantages such as traditional trade barriers of your company, such as distance from the market, lack of information and inability to produce according to demand. As in B2B, professional approach is the most important issue in B2C. Customer information security and the establishment of financial systems are of vital importance. You need to follow the technology closely and work with a professional software company in the e-commerce infrastructure. In addition to the software infrastructure, the company may need to make changes in all processes from supply to delivery. In this direction, you should choose software companies where you can get good consultancy service.


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