Web Portal Software Development

Web Portal Software Development

What is a web portal?

A web portal is a website that contains content in many different categories. Web portals contain many content such as live news, chat rooms, e-mail, shopping, and various guides. Web portals specialized on just one topic are also quite common.

Who should prefer web portals?

Organizations such as associations, foundations and institutions hosting many companies generally prefer web portal solutions.

Since web portals contain many technological features, the software infrastructure must be strong. As Zemedya, we offer healthy solutions to our customers who need a web portal, with our specially prepared product. With the web portal sites that we plan your target audience and program specifically for you, we ensure that your target audience can easily access all services and benefit from the services you offer without any problems. By analyzing your needs correctly, Zemedya offers you the most accurate web portal solution and contributes to your being ahead.

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