Domain ve Hosting

Domain ve Hosting

What is Domain (domain name)?

Domain (domain name) is the first and most important step of your presence in the digital world. At first, a domain that is suitable for your institution, brand and goals should be selected. A wrong step in this regard will affect your reputation. Before registering a domain, you should also choose the most appropriate top-level domain for your website. Your digital agency's recommendations will be important in choosing a top-level domain (.com, .org, .co and .net etc.).

What is Hosting?

The most important issue after domain name registration is the choice of hosting (hosting) where the website will be published. Hosting is critical for the site to load quickly and stay online. Site speed is part of Google's search algorithm and is a very important criterion in terms of SEO (search engine optimization).

The first thing to consider in order to be successful in the digital world is the choice of domain and hosting. By choosing a professional digital agency as your consultant, you will eliminate the possibility of having problems with these issues in the future.


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